Our Mission

Making everyday necessities, educational activities and enrichment opportunities accessible to Moorestown’s underserved youth.

MooreKids is an official affiliated organization with Moorestown Public Schools, and will work closely with MTPS staff and administrators to identify and address the needs of the township’s low-income student population. Because each school has different demographics, each school has unique needs. MooreKids envisions that it will tailor its assistance to meet the specific needs of each school. For example the needs of an elementary school are different from the needs of a high school; one school may have a higher percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch than another, and therefore may have increased need for assistance. Our flexibility in adapting to these needs will be our strength.

Recognizing that low income families may need help beyond school, MooreKids also seeks to provide assistance to Moorestown’s children in accessing sports and extracurricular activities. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to participate in an activity that allows that child to connect to other children, learn and develop a new skill, and be a source of excitement, joy, and pride for that child. MooreKids will assist eligible families with the cost of these activities, either directly or in partnership with other local businesses and organizations like the Moorestown Recreation Department.

Looking to the future, MooreKids envisions that it will be the “go to” charitable organization that individuals, families, businesses, and civic organizations can contact when there is a need to provide assistance to a child in a low-income family. MooreKids looks forward to partnering with the many generous people and organizations in the town to coordinate our collective efforts to do right by our children.