Breakfast Program

In spring of 2012, approximately 10% of the MTPS student population received free or reduced lunch.  Only Mary E. Roberts Elementary offers free or reduced  breakfast to qualifying students.  After talking with several  MTPS administrators, MooreKids established a Breakfast Buddies program to help all schools bridge the gap for those students who are receiving free or reduced lunch.  MooreKids donates healthy and quick breakfast foods and 100% fruit or fruit-veggie juice to each school.  The schools make these foods available on as needed basis to students receiving free or reduced lunch.  We want all of our kids to be focused and ready to learn.  If you would like to donate low sugar granola bars, breakfast bars, cereal bars, individual portioned no sugar added fruit cups, boxes of sugar free fruit juice, fruit-veggie juice, or low fat milk, please contact us at