Teen Leadership Committee

The application period for 2018-2019 is now closed.  Please check back next fall for the 2019-2020 year. 



Due date for applications is September 21, 2018.  Please click here to download the TLC Application and email the completed application to info@moorekids.org with TLC application in subject line

The Teen Leadership Committee (“TLC” for short) is made up of select high school students living in Moorestown, engaging in leadership development through the planning and implementation of community service activities and events to further the mission of MooreKids.  MooreKids’ TLC provides a unique opportunity to work with MooreKids board members, MTPS staff, and local business and community leaders to benefit the children from financially struggling families in Moorestown. Rising 9th through 12th graders living in Moorestown are eligible to apply for membership.

What Does the Teen Leadership Committee Do?

Mission: To develop leadership skills and promote volunteerism by helping Moorestown children from financially struggling families.

Responsibilities of Teen Leadership Committee Members:

  • Help plan, publicize and attend events for MooreKids
  • Give regular status updates to MooreKids Board members regarding activities
  • Suggest/develop programs for MooreKids to implement
  • Attend regular committee meetings to share thoughts and ideas
  • Maintain positive communication with MooreKids board members, MTPS staff
  • Plan and execute one fundraising event (with guidance from MooreKids Board members)
  • Promote MooreKids mission
  • Represent MooreKids in a positive manner


Teen Leadership Committee Membership Requirements:

Members of the MooreKids Teen Leadership Committee will:

  • Be a Moorestown resident
  • Be a student entering grades 9 through 12 in 2018-2019 school year
  • Have parental/guardian permission to participate
  • Serve a 1 year term on TLC through active involvement
  • Commit time to participate in Committee meetings and MooreKids events
  • Attend monthly Committee meetings on a regular basis (present at least 70%) and represent MooreKids in an official capacity at a minimum of 5 events annually.
  • Mentor incoming TLC members


Benefits of Membership

Members of the MooreKids Teen Leadership Committee will:

  • Provide valuable input to MooreKids and help create a vision for a local nonprofit
  • Earn community service hours
  • Develop marketable leadership skills and gain self-confidence while engaging in age appropriate community service activities
  • Have a unique opportunity to work alongside MooreKids Board members, other charitable organizations, and local business leaders to support MTPS and help support Moorestown’s children in need
  • Gain personal fulfillment in sharing one’s time and talents while giving to others in need
  • Make a difference to in their community
  • Benefit from TLC involvement in future job, scholarship and college applications


Selection Process:

  • Open to rising 9th-12th graders who reside in Moorestown
  • Must complete application by September 21, 2018 and return via email to info@moorekids.org with TLC application in subject line.
  • Selection Committee (consisting of MooreKids Board Members) will evaluate applications and make final determinations.
  • MooreKids Board of Directors will schedule interviews to candidates if deemed necessary.
  • MooreKids does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, national origin or disability.