Q: How many children are affected by financial hardships in Moorestown?

A: As of May 2012, more than 20% of the student population at Roberts Elementary school qualified for free or reduced lunch. District wide, approximately 389 students received free or reduced lunch. There are approximately 20 students in the district who are homeless.

Q: Do you work with any of the other non-profits and community groups in town? It seems like there are a lot of people doing a lot of the same things.

A: MooreKids is dedicated to helping the children of financially struggling families in Moorestown, whereas other non-profits have a broader or different mission. We are pleased to be working cooperatively with numerous non-profits and organizations in town.

Q: How can I make my donation?

A: We happily and gratefully accept donations in any amount. We accept donations online or by mail, please mail your donations to:

PO Box 756
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Or you can drop your donation in the secure box at the front desk of the Moorestown Library. We will send you an acknowledgement letter thanking you for your gift, which will also serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

Q: Do you accept donations other than money?

Yes! We happily and gratefully accept gift cards to Target, CVS, local grocery stores, or other local stores. In addition, we accept good condition prom dresses and shoes, good conditon sports equipment, and breakfast foods (healthy granola bars, shelf stable milk, fruit cups). If you have an item you think we may be able to use, please email us at info@moorekids.org and we’ll let you know if we can use it! Right now we are not able to accept clothes.

Q: Are my donations to MooreKids tax deductible?

A: Yes! MooreKids is a recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity, and all donations are tax deductible.

Q: What percentage of your donations are spent on administrative costs?

Since beginning MooreKids in early 2012, we have collected almost $5,295 in donations. Of that amount, $2,205 has been spent directly on programs and services for Moorestown’s underserved youth. Approximately $750 of “administrative” expenses, including state and federal filing fees, materials, and other expenses has been paid for with private funds. Although we don’t expect private funds to continue to cover all of our administrative expenses in the coming years, we are dedicated to directing as much money towards programs and services as possible. Our goal is to spend 90% of our donations directly on our target population.

Q: Does MooreKids have any employees?

No. MooreKids is run entirely by volunteers, and there are no salaries paid to any board members or executives.